Campad Electronics – A Name In The Mobile Phone Industry

Campad Electronics learn more is an American company that sells home, auto and mobility accessories. They produce a wide variety of products including car kits, radio and satellite equipment and mobile phone chargers. They are a major maker of car stereos and antennas. They have been selling personal computer accessories and consumer electronics for over 35 years.

Campad Electronics

The Car Kits from Campad Electronics are made to fit the most recent models of cars including the Nissan Armada, Honda Civic and Acura RL. It comes with all the necessary cables and wiring for the installation. A car kit is an ideal choice for people who want the convenience of a portable stereo or want to add an exterior speaker and earphone jacks. They come with the necessary mounting hardware and manuals for the DIY enthusiast. The extensive knowledge gained from the real world experience of Campad Electronics enables them to provide the customers with quality mobile phone accessories.

Campad Electronics has a range of car kits including a Citreon VOIP/SIP stereo system, a Campad Thule Bluetooth adapter cradle, an iControl monitor cradle and a Campad Thule Sirius car kit with an antenna. Their car kits are designed in such a way that they fit all modern vehicles with direct car kit compatibility. All the Campad mobile phones come with iControl software pre installed in them. They have the knowledge and expertise to install all types of Bluetooth car kits and mobile broadband antennas.

They provide a great value for money. The customer can easily get high quality mobile phone accessories at great prices. The prices and features vary depending upon the model. Most of the time the Campad brand has a good reputation for producing high quality products. Some of the products are renowned for their reliability and durability. The comprehensive knowledge gained from their extensive world experience enables them to offer competitive prices and great features.

The Campad brand of phone accessories has a comprehensive range of accessories for every type of need. They have car kits, antennas, cell phone chargers, GPS/RF remote controls, car mounts, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth car kits, iPod adapters and other accessories. Some of the accessories have a huge range of functionality like allowing hands free use of a mobile phone, lowering call rates, lowering data rates etc. The Campad brand also has a vast range of spare parts for all their products, which has a huge range of spare parts for all vehicles and makes sure that the products have a life span.

Campad Electronics has been a pioneering company since its inception. The company has continued to grow and prosper based on its commitment to excellence. Campad Electronics prides itself for offering the latest technology in all its products. They constantly research on new technologies and equipment in order to deliver the best quality products. With all these qualities, it is no wonder that Campad Electronics has established a name in the mobile phone industry.