Experience the Excitement and Joys of Being a Plastering and Rendering Company

The Newcastle Plastering and Rendering Company has been in business since 1830 and is one of the oldest plastering companies in the area. The company has a storied history and continues to thrive today. A visit to this establishment is sure to instill any gentleman with a true sense of awe. From the magnificent chandeliers and awe-inspiring ceilings to the wonderful handcrafting, the history of the company simply cannot be ignored. It is truly a marvel to behold.

Newcastle Plastering and Rendering Company

The company is one that prides itself on innovation and creativity. They embrace the newest technological advances and combine them with old world craftsmanship. Newcastle is indeed blessed with such a talent. This is apparent in their creations which are always geared towards producing quality work of art.

There are several reasons why this company is a standout in the industry. There are several different aspects that make up their success. These aspects include innovation, creativity and passion for their work. The business also prides itself on being one that is environmentally friendly as well. With so much pride in its product, they have become a household name and are regarded as one of the best in the business.

The history of the Newcastle Plastering and Rendering Company can trace its origins back three centuries. The very first building that was made to house the plastering trade was built in the year 1334 at the request of John Ward. It was a warehouse that collapsed due to a natural calamity. The disaster killed many of the workers, but fortunately there were some who survived. These workers were able to use the building as a setting for some of the best plastering work of the time.

John Ward made his money by selling various goods. The goods that he sold included such things as coke, cloth and salt. However, the most popular product that he continued to produce was plastering. He eventually expanded his business to produce plasterboard and also did successful business in shipbuilding.

He travelled all over England looking for places where he could perform his work. He became famous and was well known for his amazing work. This eventually led him to establishing his own studio in Newcastle.

The style of work that he carried out was always a cut above the rest and this is reflected in the work that he produced. This is evident in the styles that are still being used today. Traditional designs such as the Queen’s Crown are still very much in use although modern styles have also been developed. The company now also specialises in a range of other work as well. Some of these items include window clings, mouldings, murals, ceiling medallions and sconces.

All the work that is done produces stunning results. This is evident in the images that the company creates and even in the home. Some of the images create a fantastic feeling of warmth and this is something that is important to consumers. Consumers need to feel warm and cosy so working with this type of atmosphere is vital.

Newcastle upon Tyne is a bustling area. There is plenty to do in this area. Going down to the local leisure centre for a coffee or meal is easy to do. Many of these places also offer live entertainment. The experience that people get when going to see a show here is something that cannot be replicated anywhere else. These are also a great place to work at as there are usually lots of other businesses in the area too.

One of the main attractions of the company is that it offers excellent benefits. Paid holidays, pricy benefits and tax free salaries are things that all its employees are interested in. They will all work hard and contribute to the success of the business and that is what they expect.

It is a good idea to study the work culture of this establishment before taking on any work here. The culture of the place is very professional and that makes it a pleasant place to work. It is also friendly with its staff and that helps. People like their environment to be welcoming and comfortable so if you can bring this attitude along with you then you should be fine.

The company offers many flexible work options for its employees. Flexible hours and a range of projects mean that you will always have something on offer. You can choose to work full time, part time or just a few hours. If you want to you can also start your own company with the help of the professionals from the company. This option is available too.