Can I Give my Cat Hemp Oil for Cats?

hemp oil for cats

You may not have considered hemp oil for cats, but it could be very beneficial to do so. The benefits include reducing inflammation and pain, as well as helping with immune system support. This is one of the many reasons why this oil makes for an excellent supplement. So if you’re wondering if it would benefit your pet, then this article will give you the scoop.

First, let’s get to the negative side effects. Although this particular product is completely safe for humans, it is not so safe for animals. The main reason is that CBD is not yet accepted by the FDA as an effective medication, even though it has been shown to be effective in humans. Since it has not been approved by the FDA for humans, the same cannot be said for CBD for cats.

There are two main side effects that pet owners should be aware of. One is the fact that CBD for cats can cause an allergic reaction. Cats can develop hives and stomach problems as a result of having too much CBD in their system. The other side effects are more psychological in nature and deal with the effect of CBD on the brain. These side effects can include an increase in agitation and moodiness, as well as sleep disturbances.

For most cats, there is no need to supplement with CBD. Chronic pain is not something that the immune system is good at dealing with, especially for an older cat that is not very healthy. In these instances, it is best to treat the underlying problem, which is inflammation, with natural means, such as with acupuncture. When your pet is in pain, the last thing they want to do is get sick. By using pure CBD in a supplement form, it is important that you do not expose them to unnecessary pain.

As a matter of caution, it is essential to consult with your vet before introducing any supplement to your cat. Commonly prescribed dosages range from six to twelve grams a day. Very large dosages can lead to unpleasant side effects for cats, including seizures and liver failure. It is essential to understand how different dosages affect your pet and to only administer dosages as prescribed by your vet. Also be sure to read the labels carefully. Many for cats products contain inactive ingredients that can cause the same side effects as regular CBD.

The benefits of CBD for cats are still being studied, but the results so far show it could be a viable treatment for inflammatory bowel disease in cats. As with humans, much more research needs to be done before adding it to your cat’s diet. If you decide to try it, be sure to let your vet know so they can advise you on the correct dosage and frequency for use in your pet. With any supplement, be sure to consult your vet for safety precautions.